Dale Carrico

Senior Lecturer
Liberal Arts and MA Faculty

Dale Carrico, PhD, teaches critical theory, focusing on technodevelopmental social struggle, environmental justice and networked media/surveillance formations. Carrico has organized conferences on feminist bioethics at UC Berkeley and on human rights and human "enhancement" at Stanford. His writing has recently appeared in boundary 2, Existenz, the New York Times, Re-Public, Worldchanging, the Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives and the World Futurist Society (where he is regarded as an Unfuturist). He writes about the politics of technoscience, developmentalist ideology, futurological subcultures, and the suffusion of public life by marketing norms and forms on his blog Amor Mundi.


  • PhD, Univesity of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Rhetoric
  • MA, Georgia State University, Dept. of Philosophy