Howard Oringer

Trustee Emeritus
board of trustees

Howard Oringer is the Managing Director of Communications Capital Group, a consulting and venture capital business. The former Chairman and CEO of TeleSciences, Inc., Mr. Oringer earned his Bachelor of Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology, a Master of Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, and an MBA at Santa Clara University.

Mr. Oringer is Treasurer of the Omnia Foundation, a private family foundation providing nonprofits with funding for projects in the area of criminal justice reform in California, with an emphasis on advocacy to reduce mass incarceration as a solution for societal problems. He is also a Fellowship Advisor at the California Institute of Technology for the Oringer Fellowship in Information Science and Technology. Other philanthropic involvements include the Berkeley Repertory Theater and School. A longtime collector of art from the United States, Mr. Oringer has been expanding his collection in recent years to include works from artists and artisans from other parts of the world where he and his wife, Jan, have traveled.