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Faculty + Staff News July 2019

Through September 1 – More Than 700 Years, on view at both SFAI campuses. Listen to the podcast series, with curator Ángel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción ⇢ sfai.edu/faculty-interviews

Congrats to Zeina Barakeh, SFAI Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, for winning the 2019 Best Experimental Film award for her animation “Slam Bang Blue.” Read more about the Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin.


Homeland Insecurity, Zeina Barakeh



Rhiannon Alpers — Faculty | Printmaking

Through September 2 you can see Rhiannon Alper’s handbound books on view at the SF Public Library’s Skylight Gallery in Hand Bookbinders of California 47.

Zeina Barakeh — Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

See how the work of Palestinian artists reflects a variety of relationships with the land–Preoccupations: Palestinian Landscapes. On view from July 27 through August 24, at Minnesota Street Project / Institute of Advanced Uncertainty.

Matt Borruso / Visible Publications — Senior Lecturer | Painting and MFA Faculty

Don’t miss the spectacular weekend of SF Art Book Fair 2019. July 19–21 at Minnesota Street Project.

Clark Buckner – Faculty | Liberal Arts and MA

Experience the celebration of life’s flowering in the face of its passing away, through the animation and prints of Sarah Klein. Curated by Clark Buckner,Lost Holidayswill be on view through August 10 at the Telematic/ front gallery.

Charles Hobson – Professor Emeritus | Printmaking

Small Inventions: The Artist’s Books of Charles Hobsonis a celebration of the Legion of Honor Museums’ acquisition of 29 works by Charles. On view through July 14.

Kate Laster – Public Education Summer Assistant

If you are in SF, stop by Sweetie’s Art Bar and check out the work of Ben Cornish and Kate Laster, who’ve worked together for five years, encoding their work with transmissions for each other to receive. Anomaly seeking anomaly is curated by Cait Petersen. and will be on view through July 31.

Kerry Laitala – Faculty | Film

The recent collaborations in moving image and sound by Kerry Laitala and The Atchleys will leave the viewers draped in a colorful cloak of decay, rebirth and contemplation. Sunday, July 14 at the Shapeshifters Cinema, Oakland.

Kate Rhoades – Faculty | New Genres

If you are walking down Market Street between the Embarcadero and 8th Street, through July 31 you can see how Kate Rhoades illustrated the City’s best-known urban legends in an attempt to capture and preserve it’s legendary “weirdness”–Art on Market Street Poster Series.

Lindsey White – Faculty + Photography Department Chair | Photography

Curated by Lindsey White and Jordan Stein, Brian Belott’s RHODASCOPE: Scribbles, Smears, and the Universal Language of Children According to Rhoda Kellogg, will be on view at North Light Court + Ground Floor of the City Hall, through March 13, 2020.

Wanxin Zhang – Faculty | Sculpture/Ceramics and MFA

Check out a Solo Exhibition of Wanxin Zhang: The Long Journey. On view through July 14 at the Museum of Craft and Design.




Constantinos Dafnis

Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music: “In The Works”a special free concert featuring new works by three young composers will find you at the very center of contemporary music-making. Tuesday, July 30 at 5:30pm, Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.



Zeina Barakeh — Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Follow up with all the events around the launch of  Poetry Is Not a Luxury, abook that considers how book arts have contributed to the recording of oppositional subjectivities in the U.S. On view at The Center for Book Arts, NYC, through September 21.



Maria Elena González — Faculty + Sculpture/Ceramics Department Chair | Sculpture/Ceramics/New Genres

If you find yourself in Delaware this summer, check out Maria Elena Gonzalez’s work inRelational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, on view at the Delaware Art Museum, on view through September 8.



Maria Elena González — Faculty + Sculpture/Ceramics Department Chair | Sculpture/Ceramics/New Genres

If you’re in Chicago, see Maria Elena González’s work in the group exhibition About Face: Stonewall, Revolt, and New Queer Art, on view through July 20 at Wrightwood 659.



James Claussen — Faculty | Printmaking

James Claussen’s Headed for an Accumulated Comfort lithograph will be on view through August 4. Check out the group exhibition Observing Life: Intersections Among Art, medicine, and Health at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum.



Zeina Barakeh — Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

See Zeina’s work in Silent Narratives, on view at MOCA Yinchuan through August 17.

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