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MFA  2024

‘Water we here for’

Dialogue of connection is what inspires me. Working in various mediums offers me tools and language modalities to further explore the connection of shared existence.  There is more in common than not.  This is a medical, physics-based fact that is shared through the artistry of finding.  Destruction is a blessing when the deeper meaning unfolds or taps on the soul… like a raven at the window… tap, tap tapping… to be let in… or heard. 

‘Water we here for’ is the composite of social relations.  When discussing the commonalities do we see that by fighting the neighbor we are fighting ourselves?  When in conflict, realize that water … ebbs, flows, evaporates, freezes, and sinks deep in the harboring anchor of this Earth.   Each expansion/contraction is valid, real, happening and yet the elemental composite remains what it is.

Wherever we go, there we are.  The relationship with the location is what becomes the seen.  Many materials utilized are found, resourced, re purposed and re honored… the story continues.


Image: “neMERmind,” digital imagery sizes vary, 2020.  Image courtesy of the artist © Katalina Prince

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