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MFA Studio Art 2021

I make because I care enough to, there’s no other explanation behind it. To contradict this however, is to acknowledge my positionality as a maker in relationship to the justification of my creative process against/for the world around me. It’s between these spaces that art starts unapologetically happening. However, there’s something about empathy, in the way we relate to the beauty in the connections we have with the world and each other to spare ourselves the pain that comes with growth and transformation so that perhaps we can start caring for one another along the way. I make, to grapple with the void of my personal ignorance in an attempt to find some answers as to why I care about what I care about. Ironically, I find that there is often more meaning and truth in the questions we ask rather than the answers we get.

Website: www.chrismanfield.com

Instagram @chrismanfield

Image: With Every Root, 2021, Sprouted Sequoiadendron Giganteum seed in reclaimed concrete block, app. 12” tall entirely as of January 2021. Artwork images courtesy of the artist © Chris Manfield

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