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MFA Studio Art 2021

My art centers around eroticism, surrealism, and sensuality within the realm of the human psyche. I use aspects of the mirror and the erotic imagery to draw and seduce the viewer into my work. Once captivated, the viewer becomes part of the dance, the journey into other worlds, for example, the realms of the imagination and the subconscious. The mirrored and glass aspects of the work represent the present – ‘Real-time,’ whereas the photography evokes the past i.e., memories. – ‘Past Time.’ The drawing and painting connect both time elements and helps the viewer engage within the same frame/realm, thus creating a very human experience. I use the body, particularly the eroticized body, as a reference point in connecting both the conscious and sub-conscience worlds. The body acts as a portal to an internal, surreal landscape, whereby form, thoughts, and gestures are yet to be fully developed, where past incarnations exist simultaneously, like ghosts, alongside other manifestations.


Website: www.colettestandish.com

Facebook @cocofinearts

Instagram @colettestandish

Image: After Leo, 16 in. x 20 in., Mirrored paint/film, and photography on glass. 2021. Images courtesy of the artist © Colette Standish

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