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“Overall, my work is concerned with the tensions between existing as a free agent while also being contained by the gaze. I’m specifically interested in how we assign meaning through a spectacle that is inherently skewed due to its mode of production.” 

Colleen Donovan, Their Bits series, 120 MM BW Film // Digital Composites // Silk Screened on Plexi Glass // 17" x 24" // 2018

“The choice of photography and video stems from a conflicting relationship, but also serves as an apparent material when interrogating visual perception and how that both limits and informs understanding the impermanent world.” 


Colleen Donovan, Still from Some Form of Spring Awakening, 16MM and Super 8; Silent // 04:38 // 2018

“Ultimately, my focus is directed towards the implications that coincide with being confined by a limited perspective and how that is mirrored through human interaction with lens-based tools.” 


Colleen Donovan, Tethered Synchrony installation, 2018. 

“Although each individual project carries specific intentions, an important thread is to emphasize (through formal decisions) the stark differences between what was being perceived and how it is then projected. My subject matter consists of the commonplace spaces I move through, my own body, and those whom I share intimate relationships with through mutual collaboration.”


Poloroid of Colleen’s studio. 

About Colleen Donovan: 

1. Program/Year:  MFA, 2020

2. Hometown: Auburn, ME

3. IG: @c_leener

4. Website: colleenmariedonovan.com


Featured Image: Colleen Donovan, An Attempted Sketch installation, Super 8, GoPro, Sony Panasonic, Iphone // 4 CRTs // My Body // 4:19 Synchronized Loop // 2018

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