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MFA Studio Art, 2023


My practice explores the realm of human behaviour. Tackling isolation, separation and how individuals respond to their environments, while recognizing and honoring the melancholy and the poetics found in each individual day. My process evolve around a profound interest in the interpretation of literature, exploring various media, techniques, composition and colour.


Through continuously reworking intervals of space, colour forms and perspective, the dramaturgy of inanimate but poetic subject matter contributes to the effect perceptual painting has on us. The initial inceptions begin with the tension between the hidden and the revealed, while the experience of the audience is wholly wrapped up in the process of creation. The works aim to trigger the sublime and are deeply dependent on the ontological experience.



Instagram @jacobalittlejohn


Image: Untitled 233, Oil on canvas, 180 x 140 x 5cm, 2021. Images courtesy of the artist © Jacob Littlejohn.

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