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Jusun “Jessie” Seo is a Korean born artist who currently lives and works in San Francisco and Mountain View. She is currently pursuing a double major in Printmaking and Painting at SFAI. She mostly works with oil painting and woodcut printing.

Jessie has received the four year California Community College Scholarship from San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), Clyde & Community Art Awards in 2018 and 2019, and (most recently) the 2019 AXA Art Prize. Her works have been exhibited at Arion Press, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, Diego Rivera Gallery at SFAI, and Clyde & Community building. Her recent works explore the identity by observing nature and people while studying how the way humans see with different perceptions.

Image (above): Yet, 6 x 18 ft, oil on unstretched canvas.



From birth to death, 2019, 15 x 18 inches.



Father at age 53, 2018, woodcut.

Her 2018 woodcut print Father at age 53 (pictured above) will be featured in the upcoming exhibition AXA Traveling Art Prize Exhibition, formerly the XL Catlin Art Prize. SFAI will be the first venue in a series of three to present works from the 40 finalists: 9 young men and 31 young women from 30 different schools.

The AXA Traveling Art Prize Exhibition opens September 6 and will be on view through October 6 in the Main Gallery at SFAI—Fort Mason Campus. It will then travel to Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago and concludes at the New York Academy of Art. To learn more about the exhibition, please visit: sfai.edu/axa-art-prize.



Was There series, 2018, woodcut.


“Art is my visual language. Recreating my perceptions through painting and printmaking, my work becomes an expression of who I am, what I can be, and the time I live in now.”



Momo at her studio, 2019, 24 x 36.


About Jusun Jessie Seo:

1. Program/Year:  BFA Painting and Printmaking, 2020

2. Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

3. IG:@jessie9524

4. Website: jusunseo.com


All images courtesy of the artist Jusun Jessie Seo.

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