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MFA Studio Art 2022

"My work interrogates structures of storytelling. Upon identifying a compelling cultural narrative, I then locate historical and current echoes of its tropes, symbology, and rhetoric. As I catalogue and distill these reverberations, I examine how meaning is affirmed and undermined with each retelling. My process involves gestural performance, and then pouring, brushing, and dredging water media on paper to build up mottled layers of color and form. I utilize linework to create semi-permeable boundaries that are designed to open conversations about structure, identity, and location."

Website: https://www.naomialessandra.com/

Instagram @_naomialessandra_

Image: The Night Illuminated the Night (Nuit), 2020, Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper, 49 x 49 inches. Image courtesy of the artist © Naomi Alessandra.

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