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MFA Studio Art 2022

"My art work focuses on how political and economic powers influence identity, nationality, gender and race relations. I connect these concerns with history and social practices using familiar characters from universal literature, storytelling, political cartoons and folklore. I use a wide range of techniques and materials such as engraving, painting, video and installation, assembling and re-contextualizing everyday objects such as luggage, mirrors, aquariums, passports, identity cards, furniture, books and relating them to migration, education and culture heritage. I use humor, double meaning, irony and texts to support these critical statements related to the control and manipulation of individuals through political, religious or cultural indoctrination and taboos in the contemporary world."


Website: https://www.sandraramosart.com/

Instagram @sandraramosart

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-ramos-29778644/

Image: Timeline Trumpito, 2020, (Detail) Installation. collage, charcoal and oil painting on wood, Variable dimension. Images courtesy of the artist © Sandra Ramos

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