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“I believe poetry is a human instinct. I adopt a poetic susceptibility to the passage of time. Though time is eternal, we feel it unexpectedly. It comes towards us, sticks us in the whole or flickers like an illusion. I love the time that is subtle, elusive, fragile, ephemeral, and frequently romantic. Time is the connection between my life and life itself, leading me to wander between permanence and impermanence, existence and nihility.”

Moments Series

“In Moments, I seek to record sparkling moments in daily life. I stage scenes to exaggerate a sense of intimacy and emotion and evoke the balance between ecstasy and calm: like when you were a child, asleep in the afternoon with the sun slanted through the window. I want instant beauty to introduce people to the immense possibilities both in the memory and in the future, and meditative tranquility from the awareness of being.”




Silence In Between Series

“Silence in Between is a body of work I made more intuitively. I arouse myself to a sensible mind and spend considerable time observing my everyday life in a floating condition. These works reflect my states of being when I am photographing, and the poetic murmurs the world contains. These mundane and sentimental perspectives privilege the audience to immerse themselves in the same state and perceive infinite time extension.”



About Yan Shao:

1. Program/Year:  MFA, 2020

2. Hometown: Zhengjiang province, China

3. IG: @syan_pomelo

4. Website: shaoyan.art

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