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Todd Molinari

MFA New Genres 2022


My work assertively wrestles with the big questions but it always falls short. In all of my artmaking the questions I have always exceed my ability to articulate adequately and give them some type of comprehensive manifestation. As a result, my art can take a myriad of messy and partial forms as I work through overlapping chaotic systems of excess. My coming to terms with the enormities of the world is manifested in lost threads of thought and open-endedness. The excess is poured into the containers of drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, ceramics, metalsmithing, installation, new media and performance art which are presented as modest poetic gestures.

My current focus is on the annihilation of nature as it is conceived and experienced in the here and now due to the impact of the human by means of photography, media installation and performance. It is the pursuit of the ephemeral all the while allowing it to fade. I feel that as an artist I must go as far as I can in being an antenna for receiving the transmissions of what needs to be said in our current age.



IG - @toddd_coniunctionis


Image: Okeanos 07162021, 56" x 53", acrylic and collage on canvas, 2021. Photo courtesy of the artist © Todd Molinari

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