Art in Virtual Space

The new normal: online & offline skills for artists

This is a series of professional development workshops that took place during the month of April 2020 at San Francisco Art Institute. These workshops range from practical knowledge that can provide the artist skills to develop online 3D exhibition spaces and build out websites to addressing conceptual conversations that will consider the implications of art in virtual space.

Transitioning your objects to the virtual world

Taught by Robin Beard

Making 3D art objects and spaces in Sketchup.

YouTube Link for the recorded workshop

Materials from workshop

Documenting your work from home

Establishing your online presence

Building out and sprucing up your application documents

Starting your own art space

Taught by Emily Reynolds + Nando Alvarez-Perez

Co-founders of BICA

YouTube Link for the recorded workshop

How to augment SFAI's digital campus

Artist's Residencies: Before and After the Pandemic

Taught by Julie Phelps (Artistic and Executive Director of Counterpulse)

YouTube Link for the recorded workshop

Curating and thinking about art in the pandemic

Taught by Jovanna Venegas

YouTube Link for the recorded workshop