How Do I Report an Assault?

Immediately After

If you are in a safe location, stay there. If you do not feel safe, call a friend, family member, or someone you trust and ask them to stay with you. If the assault occurred in the room you are in, do not allow anyone else to enter the room. Once a support person arrives, secure the room and go to a safe area. If you are in the residence halls, call the RA on duty.

Next, call a local rape crisis hotline for guidance and support. In San Francisco, you should call San Francisco Women Against Rape’s 24-hour hotline at 415.647.7273. You may also call Bay Area Women Against Rape’s 24-hour crisis hotline at 510.845.7273. These hotlines will offer you free, confidential support and guidance.

It is common to feel fearful, confused, ashamed, or isolated after an assault. Seeking support can help you with these feelings.

Medical Attention and Physical Evidence

Seek medical attention. Even if you do not think that you have any physical injuries, you may want to have a medical examination and discuss with a health care provider the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections and the possibility of pregnancy, if applicable. It is recommended that you seek medical treatment within 72 hours of the assault, though medical attention can be sought at any time following an assault.

To best preserve all physical evidence of the assault, do not bathe, shower, douche, or brush your teeth. Do not wash or discard any articles of clothing worn during the assault.

Listed below are hospital treatment options in both San Francisco and Oakland. Both hospitals offer special services for rape and trauma treatment. If you seek medical attention, it is helpful to call one of the hotlines listed in the Immediately After section so that you can obtain support from an experienced advocate throughout the hospital visit.

San Francisco General Hospital,
Trauma Recovery Center
1001 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco
415. 437. 3000—crisis line

Highland Hospital, Emergency Room
1411 East 31st Street, Oakland
510. 534. 9290—sexual assault hotline
510. 437. 4550—emergency department

Reporting the Assault

Reporting to Law Enforcement

You can choose to report an assault to the police by calling 911 or asking the hospital to notify law enforcement. If you choose to notify law enforcement, SFAI will provide you with a support person to assist in making the report. Notifying law enforcement does not obligate you to take legal action in the future.


Reporting to the Institution

If the assailant is a member of the SFAI community, you have the option of filing a complaint through SFAI’s Civil Rights Policy and Grievance Procedure. If the assailant is not a member of the SFAI community, reporting is still encouraged so that SFAI can connect you with support and resources. To make a report to the institution, contact


Support Resources

For a comprehensive list of support resources please visit the Civil Rights Policies section of the Campus Handbook