Title IX Definitions

Title IX Applies To The Following Conduct

Sexual Assault 
The activity or conduct of physical force, violence, threat, or intimidation, against the acknowledgment or consent of the other person, causing the other person’s intoxication or incapacitation through the use of drugs or alcohol and taking advantage of the other person’s incapacitation. Physical sexual activity that is engaged in without the consent of the other person or when the other person is unable to consent to the activity is within the scope of sexual assault.

The engagement of behavior or conduct against a person that would cause them to fear for their safety or suffer mental and emotional distress. Conduct directed at a specific person on the basis that is unwelcome and would cause a reasonable person to feel fear, including repetitive and Menacing Pursuit, following, harassing and/or interfering with the peace and/or safety

The State of California regard sexual harassment as a form of sex/gender discrimination and, therefore, as an unlawful discriminatory practice. Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual activity, sex-based and/or gender-based, verbal, written, online and/or physical conduct.

Dating Violence 
The violence that occurs between two individuals who are or have been in a social, intimate or romantic relationship. Dating violence includes sexual or physical abuse, as well as any intimidation or threat of violence.

Gender Harassment
Gender discrimination occurs when a person is subjected to different or unequal treatment in any number of situations when that treatment is based on a person's gender. Gender discrimination refers to discrimination based on social behavior such as nonconformance of gender roles including sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Hostile environment
A hostile environment may be created by harassing verbal, graphic, or physical conduct that is severe, or persistent or pervasive, and objectively offensive, such that it unreasonably interferes with, limits or denies the ability of an individual to participate in or benefit from the college’s educational, employment, social and/or residential programs.