Ebitenyefa Baralaye: Stakes in Psychologically Generative Form
Friday, Mar 10, 2017, 4:30PM - 6:00PM
Lecture Hall
800 Chestnut Street
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Stakes in Psychologically Generative Form

Ebitenyefa Baralaye is a sculptor, mixed media artist, and designer. His work explores dualities in cultural, spiritual, and psychological symbolism interpreted through a diasporic lens and abstracted around aesthetics of craft and design. For this lecture, Baralaye will discuss his work and the existential narratives activated by the things we create, collect, and live around. A case will be made for thinking through and beyond the definitions of fine art, craft, and design in favor of investigating a psychologically generative engagement of objects. Baralaye’s work explores how form mediates our sense of identity and place in society.

Baralaye received his BFA in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design and his MFA in Ceramics from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He is represented by David Klein Gallery in Detroit and is currently an AICAD Teaching Fellow at SFAI.

Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Ibeji Ori, 2015. Plaster, burlap, wood 31.5 x 23 x 14 inches.