Joyce Burstein: The Epitaph Project: SFAI
Monday, Jul 01, 2019, 7:00PM
Scully Gray Box
SFAI – Fort Mason Campus
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Joyce Burstein: The Epitaph Project: SFAI

In this talk Burstein will begin with a brief history of her work, highlighting how she found her identity in the practice of social sculpture via art, activism and chance. Burstein will then focus on the flag of the night sky and the epitaph project, while engaging the students actively through gathering epitaphs and dialogue.

Joyce Burstein received an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. In addition to her exhibitions, she has also developed several independent social / public-sited projects. As her gallery works explore permanence and the ephemeral, she attempts to contravene associations of the monument with death and history by presenting works that interact with life and the present. A recipient of fellowships from NYFA, Art Matters and The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Burstein lives and works in New York City.


Image: Joyce Burstein, the epitaph project: archive, 1995-present; slate, chalk, sites, 5 x 4 inches digital prints. Courtesy of the artist.