MFA Film Festival
Friday, May 19, 2017, 2:00PM
New People Cinema
1746 Post Street
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The MFA Film Festival presents a curated screening of moving-image media from narrative films and short videos to digital animations and innovative hybrids of sound and image. All shorts are produced by graduating MFA Film students. 




Can Büyükberber & Yağmur Uyanık
Morphogenesis, 2016

As a fulldome and virtual reality piece, which is inspired by the phenomenon of emergence in self-organized systems, Morphogenesis consists of the continuous transformation of fundamental geometrical patterns and uses them as the building blocks of an immersive space and a visual notation for the sound, during an audiovisual journey through different aspects of the physical and biological universe.

Diana Li
Victory, 2017

Wearing virtual reality goggles with the lenses exposed, I continuously walk and bump into the closed door of Ching Lee Laundry. In a landscape of video game startups, the closing of Ching Lee Laundry (located in San Mateo, CA) marked the historical and site-specific changes in technology and migration. While Victory reflects on the history of stereotypes, this video performance also engages the intergenerational gap among Chinese diasporic peoples in the Bay Area and the US.

Elena Padrón Martín
Here, There and Within, 2017

I am from the Canary Islands and I am exploring how oceans differ from one another. I asked my friend Javier Batista-Llamas to film the sun from below the surface in a specific point of our island: Tenerife. I described to him the composition and the light effect in the water that I was looking for. He dived with a GoPro camera and sent me the Atlantic via WeTransfer.

Linghao_Zero Shen
Beauty That Is Consuming, 2017

There is something born beautiful transient about light in a state of permanent motion. Like human memory, light is fleeting we recollect, forget our experiences at the very same time. Beauty That Is Consuming follows this logic across the expanse of the gallery space. The light moves around the viewer, in perpetual motion forgetting its places at the same time that it moves into new ground.

Orly Ruaimi
Risk Management, 2017

A video installation addressing the modification and effects of objects on the human psyche and body. The inspiration is the story of an unending war, where missing body parts and their replacements are a metonymy for a prosthetic of the human psyche, where managing the physiological effects of that state of mind is in essence an impossibility. The soundtrack is the artist “playing” (as a musical instrument) her sculpture featured in this video called “Phantom Prosthetic.”

Charlie Ford
Experiments in the Resonance of Control, 2017

Through the use of the body and its interaction with objects, this performance for video explores themes of tension, ideas of control, failure and intimacy. It is an experiment into the emotional power that objects can possess, if we let them, and their potential of control over a body and how it navigates through space.

Aaron Wilder
Them (Out Side), 2017

This video essay discusses the relationship between visibility and fluidity of identity. It does so through an essayistic part and the visual simultaneously. All images have been shot in 16mm.