Opening Reception: Anhedonia
Saturday, Jun 02, 2018, 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Younhee Paik's Studio for Art and Music
4030 Reinhardt Drive Oakland, CA

Anhedonia — Paintings and Drawings by Emily Benz

OPENING RECEPTION: June 2, 11am-6pm

ON VIEW: June 2-10, 11am-6pm 

Artist's Statement:

For this show, I want to convey that painting has always been my control, a tool that I use to orient myself in the world. I draw parallels between my own experience with psychological illness, composed of varying scenes ranging from the domestic to the distorted, and to the impact of mental health on the human experience writ large through the deliberate use of specific materials.

Corian for example (a non-absorptive industrial material designed to withstand abuse and reject staining) is indicative of the empiricism of the everyday experience. On the other end of the surface spectrum, my works on watercolor paper, express fragility, vulnerability, and appear reflective of irrevocable decisions, representative of the mutability of reality.

Designated material attributes such as these, allow for a conceptual depth to my images. When painted on, the tension between these materials becomes necessary counterpoint and results in a more cohesive body of work. To unify these two veins of exploration, I have left areas blank, reflected areas with mirrored components, and redacted particular elements with paint, emphasizing mark-making as an act of complete cognizance.



This exhibition is made possible by a generous grant from Younhee Paik's Studio for Art and Music in association with San Francisco Art Institute.

Image: Courtesy of Emily Benz.

Emily Benz, 66th, 2016. Gouache on corian. 10 x 13 inches