Opening Reception: Initial Impression
Friday, Feb 23, 2018, 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Fort Mason Campus | Atrium Wallspace
Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard

Opening Reception:
Initial Impression: San Francisco Art Institute - Osaka University of Arts 2018 Print Exchange

Art universally sparks interest and passion beyond nations, ethnic groups, time and space. In the intention of internationalization this wonderful exchange program creates an opportunity for students to share art culture and brings fulfillment and progress through communication and interaction between the two countries. The San Francisco Art Institute Printmaking Department is delighted to host this rich and exciting collaboration for the first time and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Osaka University of Arts. Congratulations to the student artists of America and Japan whose prints create this impressive exhibition. To all the people involved in preparing this exchange show we express our sincere appreciation.

- SFAI Printmaking Department

Image: Asa Nakata, In Her Kimono, 2016. Reduction Woodcut, 20 × 10.75 inches

Participating Artists:
Sarah Aineb
Samantha Companatico
Gracie CT
Tyler Gonzales
Natsumi Hamada
Yutaka Haruki
Chris Hernandez
Mei Hirata
Deborah Hoyt
Whitney Humphreys
Nanami Iwasaki
Carl Kang
Sachie Kiko
Juliette Langley
Kate Laster
Laura Morgan
Asa Nakata
Tomoyo Noda
Joanna Ruckman
Chihiro Sako
Yui Takano
Krista Wright
Atsushi Yamagami
Rosemary Ye

Lead Organizers:
Mikae Hara
Asuka Ohsawa
Gregory Piatt

Selection Jurors:
Tim Berry
Art Hazelwood
Rhiannon Alpers
James Claussen
Asuka Ohsawa
Gregory Piatt

Special Thanks:
Mark Thiesen
Jennifer Rissler
SFAI Graduate Program Staff (Academic + Operations)