CANCELED: Closing Reception: Soiled Matter
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020, 4:30PM
Schafer Gallery, SFAI–Fort Mason Campus
Pier 2, 2 Marina Blvd.

Soiled Matter

On view March 12–March 25
Schafer Gallery, SFAI–Fort Mason Campus

Please note: This event has been canceled due to coronavirus-related measures. Track scheduling updates here:

Soiled Matter seeks to articulate the tangled, tied, and fraught relationship between the earth body and the human body. At our current moment of imminent ecological and societal collapse, never has the relationship between humans and the earth been more critical. To soil oneself refers to an act of dirtying, while also implicating the earth. The word ‘matter’ refers to inert earth, devoid of mind and spirit; Etymologically, it is derived from the word mother. Humans have enacted much pain on the earth body, and ourselves in extension. Soiled Matter reckons the soiling and destruction of mother earth, while concurrently becoming en-soiled matter—returning to the earth. Soiled Matter is enacted through depicting human bodies as a landscape in pain, the earth as a body in torment, emerging the body in soil, and surrendering the body to the ground. By immersing, relating, and blending the human body into the earth body, our inherent connection may be rekindled. In recognizing the earth as a living being, we may see ourselves as earth in exchange.


Featuring the works of:

Karl Daum
Instagram: @eerodaum

Shara Mays
Instagram: @sharamays

Katrina Magowan
Instagram: @staygoldacidtest

Rebecca Sexton
Instagram: @rebecca.mae.sexton


Curated by Katrina Magowan


Image: Karl Daum, Untitled, 2020; Oil on Canvas.