Poverty of Sensibility—Panel 21: Art/Education in the 21st Century III
Friday, Nov 16, 2018 - Sunday, Nov 18, 2018
SFAI—Chestnut Street Campus + SFAI—Fort Mason Campus
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Hosted by China Academy of Art President Xu Jiang and San Francisco Art Institute President Gordon Knox, this two-day symposium and film series intends to consider “artistic intelligence” and the mission of an art academy in the age of artificial intelligence and disorienting technological change. The symposium will feature leading scholars from China and North America, including professors of art history and practice, curators, and art program directors from top American, Canadian and Chinese art schools, galleries and museums.  

Full Schedule (Subject to Change):

Welcome + Keynote Speakers
Friday, November 16 | 1–5pm
Osher Lecture Hall
SFAI—Chestnut Street Campus

  • 许江 / Xu Jiang, President of the China Academy of Art
  • 戈登•诺克斯 / Gordon Knox, President of San Francisco Art Institute
  • 伊凡·加斯克尔 / Ivan Gaskell, Professor of Cultural History and Museum Studies at Bard Graduate Center, New York City
  • 大卫·乔斯利特 / David Joselit, Distinguished Professor of Art History at The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • 史蒂文·亨利·马多夫 / Steven Henry Madoff, Chair, MA Curatorial Practice, School of Visual Arts
  • 郑明河 / Trinh T. Minh-ha, Artist
  • 高士明 / Gao Shiming, Professor and Vice President at China Academy of Arts

Opening Reception
Friday, November 16 | 5–8pm
Walter and McBean Galleries, Diego Rivera Gallery, & Courtyard
SFAI—Chestnut Street Campus

Symposium + Round Table
Saturday, November 17 | 1–5pm
SFAI—Fort Mason Campus

Speakers: ​​

  • Fred Martin, Previous President of San Francisco Art Institute
  • 任敏 / Ming Ren, Advisor to the President for China partnerships at San Francisco Art Institute
  • 乌尔里希·莱曼 / Ulrich Lehmann, Professor of Interdisciplinary Design and Arts at The New School
  • 唐小兵 / Xiaobing Tang, Professor at the University of Michigan
  • 劳丽·比夫斯基 / Laurie Baefsky, Associate Dean for Research, Collaboration, and Innovation at University of Colorado, Denver
  • 姚大钧 / Dajuin Yao, Vice Dean of the School of Intermedia Art and Director of virREAL Center for Art & Technology at China Academy of Art
  • 克里斯托巴·马丁内兹 / Cristóbal Martínez, Chair of Art + Technology at San Francisco Art Institute
  • 托马斯·罗森 / Thomas Lawson, Dean of the School of Art at CalArts
  • 许杰 / Jay Xu, Museum Director at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
  • 史蒂芬•比尔 / Stephen Beal, President of California College of the Arts
  • 郑胜天 / Zheng Shengtian, Curator and Chief Inspector at Vancouver Art Museum
  • 格温·法雷利 / Gwen Farrelly, Global Director of Rhode Island School of Design
  • 洪再新 / Zaixin Hong, Professor at Puget Sound University and Guest Professor at CAA
  • 布莱恩·宽·伍德 / Brian Kuan Wood, Director of Research at the School of Visual Arts' MA in Curatorial Practice and Editor at E-Flux Journal
  • Kuiyi Shen, professor at University of California, San Diego
  • 蔡金冬 / Jindong Cai, Director of the US-China Music Institute at Bard College
  • 谢曹闽 / Xie Caomin, Professor of Art at Clayton State University
  • 乔赛特·梅尔克 / Josette Melchor, Founder of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts

Film Screenings
Sunday, November 18 | 1–6pm
Osher Lecture Hall
SFAI—Chestnut Street Campus

This event is sponsored in part by a grant from Grants for the Arts and by the Koret Foundation.