This is how it happens
Friday, Mar 17, 2017, 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Walter and McBean Galleries
800 Chestnut St

"Protest art originally performed on Market Street in San Francisco during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Originally titled ‘Pry this art from my cold dead hands, you fascists,’ the performance sought to showcase a sleek modern interpretation of current events---by the people and for the people, intentionally removed from a gallery setting and placed amidst the rush of lunch hour in San Francisco’s business district.

As the standoffish painters indifferently paint the cubes, one notices the haunting facial and bodily movements of the performers contorting with the realization that it’s too late for action and reaching a fever pitch as they are completely eclipsed. Are rising tides of nationalism beyond a certain point near to unstoppable?"

Watch as this original street art piece morphs to take on a new meaning in a gallery context as a part of A Living Thing at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jacob Rafati is a contemporary artist and a computer science graduate student from Iran. He is a member of Merchants of Reality, a collective in SoMa, San Francisco. His work compares the relative notions of freedom in identity and interaction from his life in Iran to his new life in America. In his recent work he is using American flags, squares, cubes and cacophonous sounds in from of live painting and performance art. His installations continue to grow in size, as his sound work approaches total chaos.

KAT CULTURE is dead. Transmitting from the future; from the grave. This is a limited time luminous screening. NOW BABY, that’s all there is. Vocalist // lyricist // painter // performance artist // creative director // trickster @fiberopticnow



Roxanne Black and Johnny Nguyen [original choreography and dance]

Angela Lee [original music]


This event is part of series of open call events in conjunction with A Living Thing an interactive exhibition platform featuring programming developed in collaboration with members of the SFAI community: students, staff, faculty, and the general public. 

A Living Thing seeks to create space for common ground within our increasingly fractured civil discourse. Throughout its run, A Living Thing will offer a sanctuary for conversations, performances, debate, and acts of solidarity and resistance—through an open mic during all gallery hours, and this open call to students, artists, activists, citizens, residents, visitors, and others that wish to contribute to the life represented by the flag.

 SFAI invites participation in A Living Thing. Please visit to submit your ideas. 

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