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A Room of Ones Own
Monday, Nov 25, 2019 - Friday, Nov 29, 2019
Diego Rivera Gallery

A Room of Ones Own

On View: November 25–29
Opening Reception: Tuesday, November  26 | 5–7pm

What originally began as an idea around the potential/real unpleasantness of domestic settings and relationships, nuclear and extended families, marriage and parenting, public and private, etc., slowly grew into ideas around how spaces are limited. How do spaces/architecture/institutions limit particular bodies?

I was considering my original idea for the show which was to have each artist creating a room of their own within the Diego Gallery, and asked how that act is functioning within the greater context of the institution we are working within. It brought me to begin thinking about how artists make work even under the pressures and limitations of the institutional body, specifically, and limitations artists deal with, generally. 

In the show, A Room of Ones Own, each artist will have a space, a room of their own so to speak, which will be determined through conversation and negotiations with others in the group. How much or how little of that space, once determined, is used is up to each artist. I’m interested in having an exhibition in this space without an overall theme, with emphasis instead placed on the physical presence of the artists and work on this particular site within the context of the city and this institutional space.

How does this act of collaborative negotiation of spaces subvert the institutional body? Are democratic collaborative efforts feasible in an institution that seemly demands the opposite? What are these limitations? How do we, ourselves, carry and impose limitations and perpetuate systems of domination?

Featured Artsts:

  • Delaina Engberg
  • Shannon Sperling
  • Amayi Morales
  • Seraphina Perkins
  • Amanda Blake
  • Blythe Feeney
  • Ben Gasta


Image Courtesy of Blythe Feeney

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