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Living in Memory
Sunday, Mar 8, 2020 - Saturday, Mar 14, 2020
Diego Rivera Gallery

Living in Memory

3-d Gallery view of show in Diego Gallery


1. Zeming Dai World to World

2. Yilun Zhang Thousand And One

3. Anguo Ping Doll

4. Yan Shao Liberation Road

5. Hongzhu Chen Eden

6. & 7. Nissu Wang Namibia Series

8. & 9. Sidong Wang Whale (the sculpture on the wall)

                                   My Army ( the figure sculpture)

9. & 10. Qi Shen Enjoy The Inevitable Pain (the poems on a small red wood panel around the Diego wall)

                            How Can I Become Indian Yellow If I Was Born As Blue (the line Installation)


Physicaly on view: March 8–14
Opening reception: March 10, 5–7pm | Artists talk at 5:45


We yearn for the past.


Because the past is the present, it is the origin, the accumulation and the consequence of our existence.

Meanwhile, we are using our current, flowing, elapsing time every second to yearn for the past, the dead, the still, the immutable past. This process is a solemn ceremony.

To a certain extent, it is also a grand waste.

We are aware of this waste and yet continue wasting it.


When you see me, 

I'm already far away from myself.










Featured artists: Hongzhu Chen /  Anguo Ping / Zeming Dai / Si Dong Wang /  Nissu Wang / Qi Shen / Yilun Zhang / Yan Shao / Jiayang Yuan

Image credit: Hongzhu Chen

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