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Monday, Apr 15, 2019 - Saturday, Apr 20, 2019
Diego Rivera Gallery


On View: April 15–20
Opening Reception: April 16 | 5–7pm (artist talk at 6pm, in the Meadow Space)

In one sense this earth does not belong to anyone; the natural environment has existed long before concepts of ownership and possession. According to a theory of Evolution existence ties to the generative process of adaptation. This theory does not necessarily presuppose as today’s unregulated capitalism predicts individual entitlement. Only then can people engage in a meaningful and respectful discourse around the importance of the natural environment outside of capitals use, i.e., the extraction of rare minerals/oil to supply materialism, the exhaustion of farming resource to mass produce, etc.

Indigenous people’s lineage and ancestral history depict our people as born of the earth, no depictions of colonizing, no intention to own nature or its people but instead hold it in its highest regard for granting us life. We want to discuss the importance of growth within life and the issue we are facing, contributing to capital industries, condoning their behavior through financial support, which has been adding to the earth’s digression. We will meet the inevitable end that will result in the planet becoming uninhabitable, rejecting us from it permanently.

Action must start from where we are; although we cannot change these significant issues overnight, we can indeed begin with merely having a conversation. Instead of acting as gatekeepers, we can open our minds to see how we can meet the needs of our natural environment and not how it can conform to sustain our way of living. Once we reassess our priorities and what we want to leave as the generational legacy we can go beyond the specific conversations that are happening and act necessary to help replenish what little of nature we see in the city.

Featured Artists: Raven Kemp, JoseIgnacio Ramirez, Eliza Phelan-Harder

Image courtesy of Eliza Phelan-Harder

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