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White Walls - Black Joy
Monday, Nov 18, 2019 - Saturday, Nov 23, 2019
Diego Rivera Gallery

White Walls - Black Joy 

On View: November 18–23
Opening Reception: Tuesday, November  19 | 5–7pm

The history of the African diaspora is steeped in pain, struggle and hardship. Through our music, art, food and dress, African descendants living in America express our experience co-existing with those who often depend on our labor but refuse to acknowledge our humanity and creativity. Ever present but often overlooked in our narratives is our abundant capacity for joy- a deep and unapologetic acceptance of ourselves. Joy gave us fuel to fight for our freedom and civil rights. From the cotton fields to the church, we learned to center on joy not only as resistance against racism and bigotry, but also to just be in an anti-black world. This struggle continues today, though the antagonists present themselves in the form of fake news, police violence and micro-aggressions. The diaspora must, now more than ever, rediscover our joy, which will enable us tap into our innate strength to not merely exist, but thrive.

Featuring Dominique Birdsong, Shara Mays, Kennedy Morgan, James Patterson and Christopher Williams 

Curated by Christopher Williams


Image Credit: Christopher Williams, The Long Goodbye.

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